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Otros Cruces is an organization that promotes and studies the various intersections between religion and politics in the public space, from a human rights perspective and with the aim of contributing to democratic coexistence.

To this end, it seeks the encounter between different people who want to achieve things that are not so different, through the crossroads between faith and reality, between religious communities and civil society organizations, between paths of spirituality and political actors. Dialogue is established as a platform for mutual knowledge and the enrichment of beliefs from their diverse expressions and experiences, as a contribution to the construction of new knowledge, experiences and forms of advocacy.


To create opportunities for dialogue and exchange that facilitate crossroads between faith-based organizations, religious communities, spaces of spirituality, political and civil society actors, in order to foster mutual knowledge, the collective production of knowledge and joint advocacy actions, based on political perspectives and beliefs that promote democracy and human rights.


We envision a society that understands the value of religious freedom and secularism from an inclusive and pluralistic perspective, and the contribution of spiritualities to the promotion of full democracy, ecological coexistence and the defense of human rights.





human rights








Otros Cruces has an advocacy approach aimed at mobilizing civil society, social movements and the religious field towards the defense and promotion of secularism and religious freedom in terms of spiritual and intercultural plurality. This is achieved through strategic actions for the encounter and dialogue between civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, social movements and multi-religious expressions, for mutual knowledge and the construction of a space for democratic dialogue and ecological coexistence. This must be embodied in – and guaranteed by – public policies based on a secular state that respects and promotes the plurality of religions and spiritualities in its territory, as well as in multilateral and regional policy instances that include the contributions of spiritualities and religions.


As stated in the name of the organization, our methodologies focus on the construction of crossroads between experiences, actors and knowledge. Therefore, our actions and activities are aimed at:

  • To build spaces for unlikely dialogues between opposing sectors in order to identify points in common and discuss differences.
  • Promote spaces of articulation between religious groups, FBOs and CSOs to elaborate instances of joint advocacy.
  • Generate training spaces between public sectors, CSOs, FBOs and religious groups to analyze the foundations for the construction of public policies.


As an organization we allow ourselves to be inspired in all our work by the following CROSSES values:


We affirm that plurality constitutes a richness for the development of our identities and societies. We recognize the diversity of territories, bodies, cultures, and cosmovisions. Plurality is also reflected in our spiritualities as an integral and constitutive part of people, societies, social movements and politics. We explore the strength and potential of spirituality in multiple faiths and religious expressions.


We work from the desire to build just and equitable relationships in the public space, in faith communities and in politics, with a perspective of memory, defense of human rights and the rights of nature. We believe in the equality and dignity of all people and in the possibility of establishing connections of solidarity and care for our environment. We strive to incorporate these principles into our organization and its relationships.


We understand the public as a space of encounter between multiple voices and perspectives. We believe that democracy is embodied in the possibility of dialogue between different opinions, causes, and movements. This commitment is directly linked to our personal, institutional and political positions. Therefore, we are committed to an attitude of listening, sincerity and the search for common ground.


We hold that hospitality is the political expression of openness towards people who, from their vulnerability or difference, challenge us in our identity. We believe that fruitful collaboration with others is generated from open doors and shared tables. We seek articulations with people, organizations and networks with the desire to walk together in the creation of a more dignified world for everyone.

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