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Otros Cruces is an organization that engages in work on the crossings of religion and public space. It is a foundation that seeks to facilitate the encounter between different people who want to achieve not so different goals. We enable the crossing between faith and reality, between religious communities and civil society organizations, between spiritual and political actors. The purpose of the exchange of knowledge and experiences is to inspire actions in favor of dialogue, democracy and human rights advocacy, from a respectful and inclusive vision on religious voices with their different views.

Otros Cruces counts with an interdisciplinary team of political scientists, sociologists, religious scientists, and theologians, who work on issues of secular state, religious freedom and advocacy in the public space from a human rights approach.

Otros Cruces was born out of the Grupo de Estudios Multidisciplinarios sobre Religión e Incidencia Pública (GEMRIP)as the result of a transformational process. GEMRIP was an organization that responded to the concern of a group of Latin American women and men in search of spaces for dialogue and knowledge exchange on the broad relationship between religion and public space. During all this time we reflected with plural, inclusive and sensitive views on citizen and social demands. The project went through different stages: from the academic production of a Study Group, through Multidisciplinary virtual courses, to the creation of spaces to raise awareness on Religion and Public Advocacy.

As a result of our development and growth, we have chosen a new name, as a sign of the broad horizon that is opening up:


OTHER CROSSINGS because we are a space that creates bridges between diverse worlds, between faith and politics, religion and the public, believers and civil society organizations.

OTHER CROSSINGS because we believe that politics is related to the construction of dialogue, of encounters, of intersections that project us towards new places.

OTHER CROSSINGS because we are passionate about the creation of new/other knowledge/s, based on interdisciplinary encounter and conversations between diverse groups in society.

OTHER CROSSINGS because we believe that advocacy based on faith can bring something new, as another horizon as well as a critical framework.



Our mission is to create contexts of dialogue and exchange that facilitate crossings between faith-based organizations, religious communities, spaces of spirituality, and political and civil society actors, in order to foster mutual recognition, the collective production of knowledge and joint advocacy actions, on the basis of political perspectives and beliefs that promote democracy and human rights.



We envision a society that understands the value of religious freedom and secular state from an inclusive and plural point of view and appreciates the contribution of spiritualities in the promotion of a full democracy, an ecological coexistence and the defense of human rights.



Dialogue, Human Rights, Democracy, Inclusion, Spirituality, Knowledge



Politics, Spiritualities and Religions

Gender, Sexual diversity and Religions

Ecology and Spiritualities




Organize public events at the national or regional level on relevant current issues.


Training and formation

Impart systematic training programs for civil society organizations, political groups and faith-based organizations – in- class, on-line or mixed – focused on the use and elaboration of analysis frameworks concerning the relationship between religion and the public space, and the construction of advocacy tools.



Promote the value of religious freedom, secular state and the importance of religious voices in the public space (among persons, organizations and political decision-making groups), both at the national level (state secretariats, networks of civil society organizations, secretariats of religious affairs, political think tanks, academic training centers) and at the regional level (OAS, IACHR, UN).



Foster articulation and dialogue between organizations in the search for joint strategies and coordinated implementation of actions on common issues related to human rights agendas.


PROJECTS 2020-2022

  • Training program in Religion, Human Rights and Democracy for Civil Society and Faith-Based Organizations (Chile, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia).
  • Advocacy and networking in the field of Environment and Spiritualities (Chile)
  • Project “Believing in Plural”: awareness raising, monitoring and research on religious freedom policies (regional approach, focusing on Chile, Brazil, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Mexico).
  • Research project on Spiritualities and Politics (Honduras, Chile, Argentina and Brazil).
  • Coordination of the group “Religions” in the Civil Society Participation in the Summit of the Americas project (PASCA – OAS).


Otros Cruces – Marín 026, Providencia, Santiago, Chile –

The legal representation of Otros Cruces is still being carried out under the name of the non-profit corporation GEMRIP – Grupo de Estudios Multidisciplinarios sobre Religión e Incidencia Pública (Multidisciplinary Studies Group on Religion and Public Advocacy). RUT 65.158.261-K. Registration No. 260406


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